Police Issue Doorstep Crime Reminder

Shut Scammers Out
Shut Scammers Out

Police in Ayrshire have issued some extra advice to help encourage residents to remain vigilant to potential doorstep criminals who may attend at homes uninvited.

From bogus callers to rogue traders, doorstep criminals are cunning, creative, and often very convincing. Several reports of such crimes have surfaced on social media recently from different parts of Ayrshire, both residential and businesses.

Police Scotland are reminding everyone that anyone can be fooled, these people are professional con artists. However, a sad fact is the over 60s are often specifically targeted.

Inspector Jason Peter, of Kilmarnock Locality Policing Team, said “we are today reminding residents to remain vigilant for uninvited callers and encouraging the wider community to look out for their neighbours and report suspicious activity to police.

“Bogus callers will try to gain access to your home by pretending to be someone they’re not including utility companies like the water or gas providers, council workers or even police officers.

“They will often provide a story about urgent work needing completed but be on your guard if someone turns up unexpectedly.

“Keep your front and back doors locked and make use of any fitted security features like a door chain or even use a window to check who is at the door. If in doubt don’t answer the door. You can ask for identification but should take time to verify their identity.

“If you think a caller at your home may be a doorstep criminal keep the caller out your house, ask them to leave and call the police immediately.”

Police Scotland can be contacted by calling 101. In an emergency always dial 999.